Vinco to launch Vinco Plus to bring you premium content and better coverage

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Vinco has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2010, and we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled athletic media content – from high-quality event coverage to in-depth analysis and exclusive scoops. Vinco has always been the place to come for the very best athletic sports news, commentary, and insight.

What started out as an athlete’s enthusiastic hobby, over a decade ago, Vinco has grown into a global company producing content for clients including World Athletics and the Wanda Diamond League.

Founder and Director of Vinco, Matthew Quine describes how the idea for Vinco came about: “I asked for a camera for my 21st birthday to use for my own training, and then found myself on the side-lines as an injured athlete. I wanted to watch my training partners but wasn’t content with just sitting there and doing nothing.”

“I started filming their races, uploading them and decided to make a website so they could watch them back. From there, the website started getting views that I hadn’t anticipated, given that I was doing it to keep myself busy whilst the group were out on the track.”

As Vinco grew, so did the team that brings you the inside line on athletics with their behind-the-scenes knowledge and expertise in live streaming and content production. The team are an essential part of the future of Vinco to keep up with demand and capture the level of streaming that you the viewer expect.

We’re proud of what we as a team have achieved since we started out. Alumni have gone on to be very successful with current roles at World Athletics, Sky Sports, British Athletics, the BBC and Sunset+Vine to name a few. We want to be able to invest more in the and create more jobs and opportunities within track and field, the sport that we all love.

Vinco’s free-to-view subscriber base has grown exponentially since our inauguration, nonetheless, our OTT platform remains a non-profit making venture-supported by our work elsewhere and needs to become at least cost neutral for our next mission of gaining more access to international events, more domestic events and a series of exciting exclusive content.

Rest assured, access to Vinco’s free-to-view archives will continue to be available to our loyal fanbase and remain high quality and useful in a limited format. We will also continue to make a range of content free-to-view although, as you will appreciate, going forward we’ll invest the most in the audience who has invested in us.

In time, we will work with our partners and team to invest in the coverage that falls behind Vinco Plus, bringing more live access and more premium on-demand content in the build-up to and after competitions for a minimal fee is something we believe our loyal fanbase and fellow fans will enjoy – we know you want more and we’re beyond grateful for your continued support.

The first year of Vinco Plus will be based on ‘season tickets’, with the full National Athletics League ticket for five days of action for less than £3.00 a day being on offer from Tuesday 26 April 2022. You will also be able to purchase a ‘day pass’ if you want to trial the coverage.

Once embedded, Vinco Plus will provide the ultimate access to all coverage under a single subscription will be offered on an annual, monthly, or daily basis with easy payment options.

Rest assured that everything we do at Vinco stems from our community of followers and is done to serve you to meet your needs. That will not change. You will be able to continue to use elements of Vinco for free or subscribe for premium content.

As Matthew Quine, Director of Vinco exclaims, We are very proud of what we have done to highlight and celebrate grassroots athletics, as well as to provide work for those eager to develop their careers within the sport. We see this change as central to our bid to do this even better whilst also delivering even more content to fans”.

About Vinco

Vinco is an international live streaming and digital production company with twelve years’ experience of crafting a wide range of creative content.

Having worked with the likes of World Athletics, the Wanda Diamond League, European Athletics, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Welsh Athletics, the British Milers Club and more, our expertise is recognised across the sport of track and field and beyond.

On our website, you can watch live events, look through our video archive, as well as keep up to date with news.

Want to bring live coverage to your event? Get in touch via our contact form to discuss options with the team.

Want to get involved with us behind the microphone or the camera? Take a look at our vacancies page.


First published on: 26 April, 2022 9:47 am

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