Best of the Men’s Long Jump

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Best of the Men’s Long Jump

On December 4th, the Golden Fly event series hosted once more one of their unique in-city events – this time in front of Phuket’s (Thailand) beachside: A certified mobile athletics facility enabled pole vaulters and long jumpers to use the same runway.

Local hero Suttisak Singkhon (THA) took the win in the men’s long jump competition with an outstanding jump of 7.59 metres. Paralympic World Record Holder & Multiple Paralympic Champion (T 62) Stelios Malakopoulos (GRE) made it on rank 5 today with a result of 6.68m.


1. Suttisak SINGKHON THA – 7.59m

2. James Lelliot GBR – 7.54m

3. Yaroslav Isachenko UKR – 7.46m

4. Artsiom Huryn BLR 7.40m

5. Stelios Malakopoulos (T 62) GRE 6.68m