Best of the Men’s Pole Vault

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Best of the Men’s Pole Vault

On December 4th, the Golden Fly event series hosted once more one of their unique in-city events – this time in front of Phuket’s (Thailand) beachside: A certified mobile athletics facility enabled pole vaulters and long jumpers to use the same runway.

In the field of world-class athletes, Austin Miller (USA, 4.70m) was victorious. No. 3. World Ranking 2020 & Tokyo Olympian Matt Ludwig (USA, 4.60m) secured the third place.


1. Austin MILLER USA – 4.70m

2. Jacob WOOTEN USA – 4.60m

3. Matt LUDWIG USA – 4.60m

4. Scott Houston USA


6. Patsapong AMSAM-ANG THA