Video Editor

The role

Are you good at editing video?

This role involves putting together track and field footage recorded by Camera Operators into edits suitable for broadcast or to be uploaded for on-demand viewing.

If you have your own video editing software available, it will be up to you whether you prefer to use what you have already, or our computers which have Final Cut Pro.

Key skills

Prior experience of video editing is important. The ability to take on instructions and work well as part of a team is essential. You will also need to be able to work quickly and independently.

Therefore, self-motivation, organisation, and good communication skills are required to fulfil the role effectively.

A good understanding of the sport is key to producing high quality content and you should also be confident in reacting to changing circumstances.


If you have some or all of these skills and are interested in this position, please get in touch below with an outline of your abilities and experience, providing a link to your work where possible. We would be interested to know which software you have used to edit before.

Payment varies from meeting to meeting depending on our agreement with the event organiser. The minimum will be a £55.00 for half a day, with more available depending on experience and budget, and we will also cover your travel and hotel arrangements if required.

We are committed to training and developing people with little or no experience to help improve their skill set, so don’t be afraid to get in contact if you’re keen to learn more!

To apply or learn more about the roles, email [email protected] and include a cover letter and your CV.