Content Producer

The role

Passionate about covering sport?

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of broadcasts of track and field events across the UK and Europe. Being a Content Generator can vary depending on the event in question and your skill set. It could involve live text coverage, updating social media (often both), or producing video content for a range of clients and channels.

You will be responsible for keeping on top of what is happening at a competition and providing engaging and accurate updates. It will be your responsibility to think creatively using the resources available to produce great content.

Key skills

Strong enthusiasm for sport and a solid knowledge of athletics is important. You will need a great understanding of different social media platforms along with excellent writing skills. It is not essential to have prior experience.

It is crucial that you are driven, focused and organised as you will be working in a busy, live environment. Team work and communication are key and you will also be expected to work independently with support from Team Leaders.

You may also need to concentrate on several areas of work at once and you should be confident in reacting to changing situations.


If you have some or all of these skills and are interested in this position, please get in touch below with an outline of your abilities and experience.

Payment varies from meeting to meeting depending on our agreement with the event organiser. The minimum will be a £55.00 for half a day, with more available depending on experience and budget, and we will also cover your travel and hotel arrangements if required.

We are committed to training and developing people with little or no experience to help improve their skill set, so don’t be afraid to get in contact if you’re keen to learn more!

To apply or learn more about the roles, email [email protected] and include a cover letter and your CV.