The role

Keen to forge a career in sports broadcasting?

Commentators are the voices of our live streams, providing incisive description of the track and field action and adding knowledge, detail and insight for those watching.

You will be part of a dedicated production team at meetings across the UK and Europe and will be expected to prepare in advance with basic notes on key athletes. Typically events will involve commentating off a monitor showing our live feed of the action in the stadium. Commentators have a close relationship with Directors and Vision Mixers, who’ll provide instructions in a busy live environment.

Key Skills

Excellent communication skills and strong knowledge of athletics are vital. Experience of sports broadcasting is ideal, but it is also possible to thrive if you have an understanding of the sport, without any background in journalism.

You will need to be organised and work as part of a team, but also independently. Therefore you should be comfortable building working relationships quickly, yet also be self-motivated to deliver a great broadcast.


If interested, please get in touch below with an outline of your abilities and experience, providing a link to your work where possible. We also ask that you choose a clip of athletics action – either from our website – or one of your choice from YouTube and record an audio file of you commentating on it, so we can hear what you sound like.

Payment varies from meeting to meeting depending on our agreement with the event organiser. The minimum will be a £55.00 for half a day, with more available depending on experience and budget, and we will also cover your travel and hotel arrangements if required.

As with all roles, we are committed to training and developing people with little or no experience to help improve their skill set, so don’t be afraid to get in contact if you are keen to learn more!

To apply or learn more about the roles, email [email protected] and include a cover letter and your CV.