Camera Operator

The role

Want to be behind the camera as athletes cross the finish line?

Camera Operators are responsible for filming the track and field action that goes out on our live streams across the UK and Europe. Sometimes you’ll be required to record content, which can be made available for on-demand viewing afterwards.

You will work as part of a driven and dedicated team and will also be expected to have confidence working independently with direction from Team Leaders, sometimes providing technical solutions. Assisting with setup and de-rigging is a key responsibility before and after the event and you must be conscious of Health and Safety at all times.

Key skills

Basic understanding of athletics is important, as is experience of camera operating or filming in some capacity. Basic knowledge of how to setup a camera is ideal. A strong work ethic, organisation, and good communication skills are essential.

In terms of the visual side of production, a sense of what makes a good image for an athletics live stream is vital. We also require sufficient hearing and colour vision, along with reasonable physical fitness and mobility for effective operation. Excellent hand eye co-ordination is essential for framing shots and focusing.


If you have some or all of these skills and are interested in this position, please get in touch via the contact form below with an outline of your abilities and experience, providing a link to your work if possible.

Payment varies from meeting to meeting depending on our agreement with the event organiser. The minimum will be a £55.00 for half a day, more available depending on experience and budget, and we will also cover your travel and hotel arrangements if required.

We are committed to training and developing people with little or no experience to help improve their skill set, so don’t be afraid to get in contact if you’re keen to learn more!

To apply or learn more about the roles, email [email protected] and include a cover letter and your CV.