The fight of the mums

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A competitive event is not just between athletes. Yesterday at the Zurich 2014 European Athletics Championships, there was a very interesting race within the 10,000m …between mums!

The race had three mums using her legs to see who would be crowned ‘super-mum’ and the winner was the British: Jo Pavey.  But the Laila Traby of France and Sara Moreira of Portugal were also both pregnant recently. Let’s check the quotes of the each athlete mum:

”I really can’t believe it – my baby’s only just turned eleven months but I’m relaxed and happy at this time of my life, so I think being a busy mum’s given me more endurance” – Jo Pavey

I have a French husband, we live together in Avignon and we have two daughters, 4 and 8 years old. Before coming here my younger daughter told me “Mummy you will come third!” And she was right.”– Traby Laila

”This championships are special because I had less time to prepare the competition. I know I am not so fast yet but I am not sad about the result. I was mum nine months ago and I only started my entrainment sessions five months ago” – Sara Moreira

During the competition the three mums discussed between them the medals (the gold “mum” medal, the silver “mum” medal and the bronze “mum” medal). Traby Laila was a big surprise in the last laps of the event, looking the actions of Jo Pavey and Sara Moreira. The British and the Portuguese athletes were the athletes that most recently gave birth. Pavey will turn 41 years old later this year, Traby is only 28 years old and Laila is 35 years old.

At the end of the event the medals “Mum” places were as follows:


Gold: Jo Pavey (Great Britain & N.I.) – 32.22,39

Silver: Laila Traby (France) – 32.26,03

Bronze: Sara Moreira (Portugal) – 32.30,12


Edgar Barreira from Zurich — reporter of