Teddy Tamgho banned for 12 months after missing drugs tests

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Triple Jump world champion Teddy Tamgho has been banned for 12 months after missing three out-of-competition drug tests.

Tamgho leapt to success in Moscow last year when he became the third man to go over 18m with a score of 18.04m when competing in the outdoor triple jump.

The Frenchman has missed three drugs tests in total throughout an 18 month period. The first was on December 2012, the second on 28th of January 2014 and the third 18th March 2014.

The French Athletics Federation claims that Tamgho did not deliberately miss the three tests and said the ban was backdated because of the athletes “good faith” during the case.

They went on to say that the Frenchman is merely at fault because of “neglect and lack of diligence than a genuine desire to evade doping controls.”

Tamgho says that he did not hear the anti-doping officers at his door in January when the second incident took place and forgot to notify anti-doping officials that he was travelling to Madrid in March when he missed his third test.

This is not Tamgho’s first ban however. In 2011 he was suspended for 12 months and given 50 hours community service after a training camp fight with a female athlete.