Race Finder

Are you a national an international a potential international athlete looking to get into meetings across Europe?

What is Race Finder?

We have three UKA registered athlete representatives and since 2010, we have been assisting athletes access meetings overseas and negotiating the best possible deals in terms of travel expenses from the organisation and provision of accommodation, meals and transport.

This service is only open to athletes over aged 18 or over.

How does it work?

When an athlete has successfully signed up, we review their requirements and begin contacting meeting organisers on their behalf.

Once we have an appropriate agreement with the organizer of a competition, we then present the deal to the athlete, advise on a travel plan, and ask them whether they wish to proceed. If the invitation is accepted the athlete will need to pay the Vinco Sport Ltd invoice of £30.00 before we can confirm acceptance with the Race Director. Should the invitation be declined at the time of offer then we cancel our invoice and will make no charge. However, should the athlete subsequently need to withdraw from the meeting the meeting fee will be forfeit.

Once accepted it is then the athlete’s responsibility to book their flights and make arrangements to get to the airport under their own steam. Any agreed payments in respect of travel or appearance fee, plus any prize money due, will subsequently be recovered by Vinco through submission of an invoice after the event has taken place and we will require the race director to pay the athlete direct via BACS.

How much does it cost?

If you are accepted onto the service, you will need to pay an invoice for £34.00 (inclusive of VAT) for our annual subscription fee. This entitles the athlete to access our database of over 100 meeting programmes, plus the advice and service of one of our athlete representatives over the season. Each subsequent confirmed and accepted entry into competition will then cost £30.00 (again inclusive of VAT). Any prize monies won by the athlete will be kept by the athlete.

How are appearance fees and prize monies paid?

The expectation is that all monies owed to the athlete will be paid directly to the athlete following invoicing carried out by Vinco Sport Ltd. While some event organisers make payments during the meeting most will settle by electronic bank transfer between 3-6 weeks after the meeting. From the 2019 outdoor season there will be no fee levied by Vinco Sport Ltd for a percentage of the prize monies.

Data Protection

Vinco Race Finder athletes will need to submit personal details to one of our registered UK Athlete Representatives. In order to secure an invitation to a meeting, as well as potential reimbursement of expenses and prize monies, certain personal & financial information will need to be shared with a meeting organisation. Financial information is only shared once a firm invitation is made and accepted by the athlete. Personal data will only be used specifically for the purpose of securing an invitation to an athletics meeting and will not be shared with any third party other than specific meeting organisations that have been targeted following discussion between the athlete and Vinco Race Finder.