Pozzi eyeing World Indoors and Olympics

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Two days of competition have passed at the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul and there may have been an athlete youíve had your eye on.

Heís beaten an Olympic Champion, a world record holder a UK title to his name and quite recently heís won a BUCS title.

At 19 year-old, Andrew Pozzi is the baby of the group of British athletes that travelled to Turkey, but with the season three months old heís already being compared to a certain Mr Colin Jackson.

After all, they have been a collective group with a famous sprint hurdles coach named Malcolm Arnold, who currently has World 400m Outdoor Champion Dai Greene in the mix to boast about.

This morning, like mentioned above, he took on and beat Liu Xiang in his 60m hurdles heat and while doing so, he ran a personal best of 7.61 seconds.

But itís the manor of how calm and mature he is after his races that gives the impression that heís raced for years.

ìI’ve had a fantastic season,î he said, ìI’m grateful for that, I trained so hard in the winter and Iím glad itís starting to pay off,

ìItís huge [That I’m in the squad] I’m 19 and getting in to my first senior international is great, in the winter I had half and eye on it,

ìI didnít think id be running quite as quick so now itís there itís a case of going there and doing the best I can.î

But of course he will do well, with or without a medal Pozzi will take a lot of experience away from Istanbul on top of that heís have a personal best.

But itís the Olympics that matter for this young man, he wants to achieve, it may be in the back of his head but itís slowly reaching forward as it draws near.

ìEveryone who within a shouting distance of it will be [excited for the Olympics], itís more feasible for me now,

ìBefore I had it in the back of my mind, whereas now itís something I really should be looking to achieve,

ìIf I donít qualify then I should be asking myself why because I mean I’m in that position at this time of the year to do that.