Lynsey Sharp Still Awaiting Gold Medal

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Lynsey Sharp is still yet to receive her 800m European Championships gold medal, 6 months since being notified of her upgrade.

European Athletics amended the results in June, after original winner Yelena Arzhakova was stripped of the title following a doping offence.

Sharp, daughter of 200m European silver medallist Cameron Sharp, is eager to get hold of her medal. She said of the situation to the BBC: “It was a hard thing to deal with, being upgraded. I’d like to get the medal and start afresh”. However, Sharp says she has heard nothing from European Athletics about receiving her medal. She said: “I don’t know if it’s because the sport’s not proud of when it does happen and it’s just, kind of, trying to do it quietly so that people don’t know about it.”

Sharp has said that Scottish Athletics are doing all they can to secure her the medal and UK Athletics issued the following statement: “We’ve had positive discussions with European Athletics to ensure she recovers the medal at the appropriate time and place.” Although she cherishes the silver medal, Sharp is still unsure of when the situation will be resolved. She states: “I think it’ll take someone high up to notice it and push for it to happen. It’s just a waiting game.”

Sharp hopes to defend her 800m title in the 2014 European Championships, so she can only hope to have received it by then.