IAAF reveal top bonuses for 2014 Indoor World Championships

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With the World Indoor Championships starting today, we took a look at the prize money on offer in Sopot.

IAAF have revealed that there will be a total of $2,464,000 worth of prize money at stake during its three day event in Poland.

The money is split between the indivual events and the relays, with a total of US$ 2,288,000 available for indivual events and $176,000 for the relays.

Each indivual event winner will be taking home a massive US$40,000 with 2nd taking $20,000 and 3rd 10,000. Even the 6th placed athlete will take a good cut of the shares at $4,000

As for the relay athletes the winning prize money is the same as for the indivual, however it will have to be split between the team.

Whilst that may not quite seem so glamorous, each relay gold medalist is likely to take home more than any indivual athlete outside the top 3.

If that wasn’t enough of an incentive there will be also be a huge US$50,000 – for any athlete who sets a new World record.

Despite the withdrawl of recent record breaker Renauld Lavelinne there is still athletes such as Sally Pearson, Ivan Ukhov and winter star Genzebe Dibaba who will half an eye on that extra bonus.