How to Bulgarian Leg Squat

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Performing a Bulgarian leg squat can have mass benefits for all athletes that compete in all events.

The beauty about this exercise, is that it can be completed anywhere around the gym or even at home.

It ‘s a great addition to anyones session and this really works the glutes (bum muscles) as well as adding stability to the knee.

All you need is an elevated platform at a height of no higher than your thigh, about knee or below knee level is acceptable, basically any thing as low as i described that will elevate your ankle and of course, space.

No weight is required for anyone trying this for the first time, your body weight alone will suffice until you become stronger.

Once again, before you do anything like is, WARM UP! Few laps indoors, few minutes on an exercise bike or skipping for a few minutes will be enough, make sure you complete drills afterwards too, see your coach for help with this if you ‘re unsure!

– First place one foot about 3/4 on the platform making sure it ‘s set and stable with no risk of it slipping

– Next shuffle the standing foot/leg forward so that the knee is NOT going over your ankle, your knee should be making a 90 degree angle.

– When starting the exercise, make sure you go down and come up using your glutes, so in other words heading straight down rather than forward, try to pretend you ‘re trying to sit on a chair for going down then squeeze your bum muscles to help come back up. 

It will take some time to get used to balancing and the awkward feeling of it, but once mastered it can be an efficient tool within training.

Try 4 sets of 3 reps to start off with making sure you swap legs each time.


No weight > Dumbbells in either hand > Olympic Bar (no weight) > Olympic Bar (with weight)

Here is a good video of one being demonstrated just to ease any confusion!