Five reasons Usain Bolt’s Commonwealth Games debut was legendary

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The 2014 Commonwealth Games might have been somewhat controversial for Usain Bolt at times but, as he always does, the Jamaican took criticism in his stride and delivered a truly memorable show in Glasgow – both on and off the track.

Here are five legendary-like incidents Bolt graced the crowds with this time round:

1. In quite a spectacular fashion, he publicly shamed Gabby Logan on live television after she said Bolt and Yohan Blake weren’t needed to have a good party.

2. He exuberantly photobombed England’s 4x100m relay team after the medal ceremony concluded…and jiggled around with a Scottish hat on.

3. He performed his own rendition of the Proclaimers hit ‘I’m Gonna Be’ while waiting for the men’s 4x100m relay to commence.

4. As far as we know, he was the only Commonwealth athlete to have his own personal ‘bagman’. Confined to his room to avoid the renowned hysteria that trails him round, Bolt’s team set-up a system whereby someone assessed the food situation in the athletes’ canteen, reported back what was on the menu, took the Jamaican’s order and then delivered it to his door. Top-notch service, eh?

5. He gave this kit girl quite possibly the most memorable 60 seconds of her life, and made first pumping cool again…twice.