Dayron Robles to miss 2013 season

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Cuban hurdler Dayron Robles is set to miss the entire 2013 season after the hurdler announced he no longer wishes to compete for his country.

According to reports via The Associated Press, the former World Record holder was unhappy with how he was treated by his native officials.

Although there is no further information on the matter not is it clear why the 2008 Olympic Champion has decided to announce such news, but it ‘s clear to see something has upset the Cuban.

He said: “Yes it’s true, I asked to be removed,” Robles said, referring to the national team.

Even his coach, Santiago Antunez, was shocked in the news and tried to convince his athlete to try stay on for at least another season, but to no avail.

Speaking to the AP, Antunez said: “Dayron is very upset. “He doesn ‘t feel like he ‘s being taken care of, and it ‘s not about money or things like that.

“Rather, it ‘s a human problem, a question of personal attention. Nobody speaks with him, nobody explains anything, nobody says anything. He doesn ‘t want to go on. “

The 26-year-old will be is for taking Liu-Xiang ‘s 110m hurdle world record back in 2008 but suffered a controversial disqualification in the 2011 World Championships after it appeared that he made contact with the Chinese athlete.

But since then his form has taken a tumble which has allowed the likes of David Oliver and Aries Merrit to surpass him.

His coach Antunez said Robles still had the potential to improve himself as an athlete, but he admitted that injuries have played a part since 2008.

“What Dayron has achieved so far, he had done overcoming many problems, ” Antunez said. “He could never train all-out. ” 


*Quotes from The Associated Press