Controversy surrounding Rutherford’s national record

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Doubts have been raised over the eligibility of Greg Rutherford’s British record after photographic evidence suggests his jump was illegal.

Rutherford, 27, smashed the national record with his 8.51 metre leap in San Diego last Thursday (April 24).

The Milton-Keynes athlete previously shared the British record, of 8.35 metres, with fellow long jumper Chris Tomlinson.

After being “inundated” with emails, tweets and personal messages showing Rutherford overstepped at take-off Tomlinson spoke out last night:

Tomlinson said he was told that they never actually used plasticine in the American competition, but US authorities insist the jump was legal.

The Newham & Essex Beagles athlete went on to say that UK Athletics and the “correct” people needed to have a look at what has happened and take it from there.

The former British record holder, who at one point used to train with Rutherford, stated he does not wish for this to cause any ill-feelings between the two, adding that not speaking up would have been “cowardly” of him.

He tweeted:

Amid all the controversy, Rutherford last night tweeted news that he and his girlfriend, Susie Verill, were expecting their first child: