#BUCSNationals Meet the teams: CARDIFF METROPOLITAN

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Established: 2011, but roots trace back to Cardiff School of Art & Design (1865)

Colours: Maroon, gold and navy

Fuelled by Welsh pride, Cardiff Met have a strong track record of challenging at the sharp end. Steeplechaser Jonny Hopkins completed a memorable hat-trick of outdoor titles last year and among the Met ranks in recent seasons have been Maltese Olympian Charlotte Wingfield, GB bobsleigh star Mica Moore, and Joe Reid who is off to the Commonwealth Games for the Isle of Man. Club President Scott Gibson describes himself on Twitter as having “the mental age of an 8 year old”, but don’t worry, five-time BUCS medallist and Captain Adele Nicoll will keep him in line…

Tell us about your university and why it is great to compete for?

Scott: I’m from Ireland so it was a big move coming to Cardiff! I fell in love with the city. We have world class facilities including an indoor track, a gym, an outdoor track, sports science support and we have world class coaches. As a 400m athlete, I was used to training on a 90m carpet track in Ireland, so it’s amazing to be somewhere like this!

Adele: We’ve created a really good team environment in an individual sport. We are all really good friends on and off the track.

What do you love about BUCS events?

Adele: Although it may not be the biggest event I’ll compete in through the year, I really like it because sometimes when you get caught up in high-level competition, you lose the enjoyment because it is so serious. BUCS brings back that fun. This year it clashes with the (British Indoor) trials but I’ve chosen to compete in BUCS. I’m not going to be at university forever. Last year I won the bronze medal at the British Indoors, but I still wanted to do BUCS this year.

Scott: We don’t always see everyone at university. At the competition everyone comes together. It’s a nice harmony as sprinters, throwers, runners and hurdlers come together. I love that.

Adele: I’ve been to the European Juniors – an amazing experience because of the size of the event – but the atmosphere is better at BUCS. Your team-mates are there cheering you on. I’m really looking forward to coming back as I was injured last year and had wanted to get the gold medal indoors and outdoors for every year of university.

Scott: At the Euro Juniors, at the start of my 400m semi, I did a little dance when the camera came round and I felt that wasn’t as appreciated as it would have been at BUCS.

What is your best memory of competing for Cardiff Met?

Adele: Outdoors in my first year. Each fresher had to sing a song on the way back – with no music – and for some reason I thought I could take on Beyonce. I think it was (the song) Irreplaceable. They also put you in the ‘hot seat’ where everyone could ask you any question!

Scott: I sung Paolo Nutini…Last Request (Scott proceeds to sing and one can’t help but join in with this impromptu duet).

It sounds like you’re a natural…

Scott: If by natural, you mean throwing a siren down a frogs throat!

Celebrating second overall at BUCS Outdoors in 2017 with their trademark archer pose. Photo: CardiffMet Athletics via Twitter

Who is the funniest member of your team? (Need we have to ask after that comment).

Adele: Definitely Scott.

Scott: I have to filter myself, it has got me in a lot of trouble through my school years. Once in a geography lesson I made a comment…and my teacher put a box on my head!

Who should we look out for in your team?

Scott: There are so many good athletes. Daniel Beadsley, Leon Greenwood, a lot of athletes improving year on year, or who have been getting better but haven’t really been seen at BUCS yet.

Adele: Charlotte Wingfield won’t be there because of a back problem and she’s been picked for Malta for the Commonwealth Games so won’t be at the outdoors. She’ll be missed. Amy Odunaiya who won (200m) bronze at BUCS indoors last year…there’s a lot of athletes improving who are coached by Dave Norton.

Scott: Adele’s missed out herself!

Who are your biggest rivals and what would you say to the competition ahead of BUCS Nationals?

Adele: Rivalry-wise, I guess there are two. Loughborough is a university with phenomenal talent and will put out a great team. Locally, Cardiff University, but we see rivalry as healthy, its not something we get too worked up about. We’ve got a lot of good athletes and we’ll be hoping to place highly.

Thanks both, the #BUCSNationals will be live on runjumpthrow.com, starting on Friday afternoon at 1pm. If you now have Paolo Nutini stuck in your head, here he is. Enjoy!