Blade Runner Pistorius faces murder charge

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News from South Africa regarding the murder of Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius’ girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (29) on the athlete’s property in the early hours this morning have shocked the world. While early reports suggested the Paralympian had shot his partner accidentally, mistaking her for an intruder, a statement issued by the police now charges him with murder of the 29-year old model and states the police was surprised by suggestions the incident was a Valentine’s surprise gone terribly wrong.

Pistorius who was the first Paralympic athlete to compete against able-bodied athletes in an Olympic Games has now been taken into custody and was supposed to face court in a few hours today, but the case has been postponed to tomorrow morning. The precise circumstances surrounding the incident are yet to be discovered.

Police and paramedics were called to the athlete’s property between 4am and 5am local time, but could only confirm Steenkamp’s death after she was shot four times in the head and upper body.

While the previous suggestions presented the incident as a terrible accident, the police statement now brings a new light to the situation claiming there had been previous incidents at the property describing them as “allegations of a domestic nature”. Furthermore, they state any bail application would be opposed after several witnesses had been interviewed.

The brand Pistorius the Blade Runner was one of the biggest contributors in promoting Paralympic sport and he certainly played a vital part in the success of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The International Paralympic Committee say they “will not be passing any comment on the case at this time”.

Athletes all across the world are expressing their shock and upset about the circumstances surrounding the incident. Pistorius is very popular and admired by both Paralympic as well as able-bodied athletes.

British Paralympic heroine Hannah Cockroft tweeted

While American sprinter Manteo Mitchell, who ran the 4x100m relay in London with a broken leg tweeted

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