Banned sprinter Steve Mullings releases book

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Jamaican sprinter Steve Mullings has released his biography in a bid to clear his name from serving a lifetime ban.

Mullings received a lifetime ban in November 2011 after testing positive for the diuretic furosemide, which can be used as a masking agent for other substances. The positive test came after Mullings placed third in the 100m at the Jamaican National Trials in June 2011.

The book, titled “Banned for Life”, claims to expose the truth and timeline of events that occurred in the lead up to Mullings’ ban, in an effort to clear his name.

Speaking via his Facebook page yesterday, the 31-year-old revealed “What I think is important to know is that I am innocent, at no point in the track and field career have I knowingly used any banned substance. I have spent the last 3 years in pain and agony asking myself why me and why my own country would betray me.”

The eighth fastest man ever with a time of 9.80s, set in June 2011, is also a former relay World Champion and served a two-year ban after testing positive for excessive levels of testosterone in 2004.

Mullings hopes the sale of his book will help fund a review of his case, “I will be making my book ‘Steve Mullings Banned for Life’ which details the time line and evidence in the case available to the public with the hopes of raising enough money to have my case reviewed by the Court of Arbitration (for Sport).”

There are no indications Mullings intends to return to competition if the review is successful, with further details and comments available via his website and Facebook page.