9 healthier alternatives to your favourite comfort foods

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1. Dippy eggs with Marmite wholemeal soliders

Image: bbcgoodfood.com

A perfect start to the day, this nutritious breakfast is high in protein and easy to make. Find the recipe here. 

2. Butternut squash with chilli and creme fraiche  

Image: bbcgoodfood.com

This delicious soup is high in vitamins and low calorie, with a spicy kick it’s great to warm up after a cold training session. The simple recipe is here.  

3. Carbonara of Smoked Mackerel 

Image: JamieOliver.com

A twist on the classic, this tasty meal will provide complex carbohydrates for sustained energy and Omega 3 fatty acids from the oily fish. The recipe for this carb loaded dish is here. 

4. Spinach and Ricotta Pizza 

Image: foodnetwork.com

A nutritious alternative to your local takeaway, by making your own pizza it is considerably healthier. You can also add your own toppings, such as tuna, fresh vegetables or grilled chicken breast, to produce a low fat, delicious meal. Recipe here. 

5. Thai Prawn, ginger and spring onion stir-fry 

Image: bbcgoodfood.com

Stir fry’s are famously versatile and this recipe is no exception. Packed with vegetables and protein, it’s a quick, carb based meal. The recipe can be found here.  

6. Baked Fish and Chips

Image: foodnetwork.com

By baking the fish and chips, rather than frying, you can treat yourself to a low fat Friday night supper without the guilt! The recipe is here. 

7. Healthier meat lasagna

Image: marthastewart.com

With a few slight ingredient changes you can transform this athlete go-to dinner into a delicious, wholesome meal. Get the recipe here. 

8. Light Cherry Cheesecake

Image: marthastewart.com

If you have a sweet tooth, this cheesecake has considerably less fat so you can indulge. It combines low fat cream cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream to make a creamy and delicious dessert. Get the recipe here. 

9. Chocolate and Berry mousse pots 

Image: bbcgoodfood.com

Another tasty dessert which proves chocolate isn’t always bad for you! At just 159 calories per serving, this combination of low fat yoghurt, dark chocolate and berries is perfect! The recipe is here.